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Thread: Skill Week #4 - Slayer

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    Skill Week #4 - Slayer

    Skill Week #4 - Slayer

    Here we go boys! Slayer week is the time again, and good luck to everyone.

    The event will start on the 30/10/2017 at 11.59 PM
    The event will end on the 05/11/2017 at 11.59 PM

    This event contains activity points as listed below:
    Earning EXP that is 20% or more of the average gained (if the average in the week was 200k exp, you need 40k exp). This is 20 Points
    Earning EXP that is above the average gained. This is worth 50 Points
    Beating the designated checkpoint person in the skill week. This is worth 25 Extra Points
    Getting 1st place in the skill week. This is worth 100 Points

    The checkpoint person for this week will Sir Divx.

    You can check the current gains at this link
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    can't participate i'm in my exames

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