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Thread: I specedu i introduction

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    I specedu i introduction

    Name: Cal
    Age: 21
    Country of residence:UK
    Interests & hobbies:Rs, Xbox, football
    Gender: male


    Runescape Name:I specedu I
    When did you first start playing RuneScape?:13 years on on and off
    Are you a Skiller? And if so, have you always been a Skiller?: I go through phases of skilling and slayer so technically I'd say yeah
    What is your favorite thing to do in the game?: killing that damn Money snek
    Are there any big accomplishments that you've had in your RuneScape time?: getting a visage(27m) on my first iron drag task,also 99 mage.
    [Other Info]

    Total Level: 1739
    Combat Level: 114
    First 99 Stat: mage
    What do you think of the Invicta boards?: informative.
    Any questions about Invicta?:Nope

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    Hey man, haven't seen you in the cc yet but i'm sure i'll catch up with you
    Welcome !

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    Hey Cal, welcome to the forums, hope you will enjoy your time hanging out with Invicta
    The finest Skilling & PVM clan

    Quick Find Code: 320-321-806-65939511

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