1) RuneScape Name: Im not Bait
Real Life Name: Kyle

2) Combat Level: currently 113
Total Level: currently 1708
Total Xp: currently 45m

5) How did you hear about Invicta?: rsof

6) Is there anything that prevents you from going to events?: not really aside from if they're during when i'm at work

7) Do you have a microphone?: yes
Do you have Discord?: yes

8) Do you agree to be Active on Forums and check & post on them whenever possible?: yes

9) Have you Read the Rules and agree to follow them?: yes

10) Do you understand that if do not meet the minimum requirement, you will become a Trial Member for up to 2 months. After completing these requirements, your clan rank will be changed and you'll be officially Accepted?: yes

11) Will you post in the Holiday/Leaving Forum if you ever plan on going Away?: sure

12) If declined, will you reapply?: sure

13) Anything else?: nope