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Thread: The R4ng3r's Application

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    The R4ng3r's Application

    1) RuneScape Name: The R4ng3r
    Real Life Name: Luuk (or Luke in English)

    2) Combat Level: 118
    Total Level: 1684
    Total Xp: 108m

    3) Link to Introduction:

    4) In game picture of Stats:

    5) How did you hear about Invicta?:
    MrTobs been a friend for a very long time, he asked me to join.

    6) Is there anything that prevents you from going to events?:
    Sometimes I can be very busy IRL because of my study (accounting). Besides that I have a gf (what?! no true scaper!) who needs attention now and then.

    7) Do you have a microphone?: Yes
    Do you have Discord?: Yes

    8) Do you agree to be Active on Forums and check & post on them whenever possible?: Whenever I play RS I am egible to check the forums.

    9) Have you Read the Rules and agree to follow them?: Yes

    10) Do you understand that if do not meet the minimum requirement, you will become a Trial Member for up to 2 months. After completing these requirements, your clan rank will be changed and you'll be officially Accepted?: Yes

    11) Will you post in the Holiday/Leaving Forum if you ever plan on going Away?: Yes

    12) If declined, will you reapply?: Depends on the reason

    13) Anything else?: Beer anyone?
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