Clan Rules
These rules are specific to Invicta, Jagex rules still apply.

1. Respect one another
Do not flame, spam, act immature or post racist comments.

2. Controversial topics
No politics, drugs or religious topics (enviroment applies too).

3. English language at all times
This applies to Discord, Clan Chat, Forums and the alike that is associated with Invicta.

4. Inactivity
If you wish to go inactive, you must inform the Staff of Invicta, you can risk losing your status otherwise.

5. Pornographic, or explicit images/videos
Do not post these in Discord, Clan Chat or the Forums.

6. Multiclanning
You are not allowed to be apart of any other clans than Pest Control, Barbarian Assault & Castle Wars Clans.

These will apply in our clan Discord & Clan Chat. (#Invicta)