Got questions? This thread should answer any question you have. You NEED to read this post.

Part #1 - General Important Info.
Part #2 - Basic Clan Rank Info
Part #3 - Events/Competitions Info
Part #4 - What can be expected from you once you join Info
Part #5 - Multi-Clanning Info

[Part #1]

- CLAN CHAT = Invicta OSRS
- Discord = Invicta
- Invicta was founded on August 1st, 2017
- Invicta was founded by Iron Divx

[Part #2]

- Invicta currently has 2 Leaders, one of them being the founder.
- The Founder of Invicta RS account is named Iron Divx, and his Discord Nick is Divx.

[Part #3]

- How does the Application Process work? Find out HERE.

- Are you required to attend events? Once you are a Invicta New Member, you must attend 3 Events and/or competitions your first month, and you must be semi active with the community. Once you finish your first month, you are not required to attend events, however, YOU SHOULD.

- What do you get for attending Events? You get Activity Points, and you can spend those on rewards/prizes.

- How long are Events? Usually 30-45 mins, and Tears of Guthix Events are 15 minutes each.

- How many Events are there per month? There is about 4-8 Events each month, including 4 Tears of Guthix events weekly. The Events are all on the weekend.

- Does Invicta have competitions? Yes, 1-2 every month.

- What kind of competitions does Invicta have? Each month we have two competitions. One 24 hour war, and one skill week. Both of those wars are based on the Skill Theme of the Month, which is voted on.

[Part #4]

What can be expected from me once I join Invicta?

That is really simple, we just expect you to follow THE RULES, and be semi active. We also would LOVE if you come in our IRC channel, so much clan action goes on there and its amazing to be part of. We also expect you to post on forums whenever you can, forums are a really big backbone of the clan. Coming in the clan chat is also a nice way of being active.

[Part #5]

Multi Clanning?

Multi clanning is being in multiple clans at the same time, which is a
clan rule, and is not allowed by this clan. HOWEVER we do allow you to be in some sorts of clans. And here are those:

- Any Pest Control Clans
- Any Castle War Clans
- Any type of guild, which means TSG (The Slayers Guild)
- Any type of Non-Clan member listing

What is not allowed?

- We do NOT allow you to be in any sort of Warring Clan, or any other type of Skilling Clan/Community.