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Thread: Possible ways to gain activity points

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    Possible ways to gain activity points

    Earning Activity Points
    Last Revision: August 3rd, 2017.

    There are a variety of ways that a member can earn their points. The opportunities are large enough such that each person will comfortably find their own style in this clan. With the many options listed below (and others that will be one-time deals related to various activities not mentioned in this post), no one will have to worry about being too busy to make time for the clan. Anyone who truly has an interest in activity will find a combination of methods below to achieve their points.


    USA/Euro Events =
    20 Points
    Aussie/NZ Events =
    20 Points
    Tears of Guthix Events =
    20 Points
    Featured Events =
    50 Points (Two of these per month, one USA/Euro, one Aus/NZ. These are announced on the BTS at the beginning of the month)

    Skill Wars and Skill Weeks:
    Earning EXP that is 20% or more of the average gained (if the average in the week was 200k exp, you need 40k exp). This is
    20 Points
    Earning EXP that is above the average gained. This is worth
    50 Points
    Beating the designated checkpoint person in the skill week. This is worth
    25 Extra Points
    Getting 1st place in the skill week. This is worth
    100 Points

    For every person that you recruit, into the clan and they get accepted, you will receive
    30 Points

    Bumping OSRS Thread:
    For every bump or post you make on the OSRS Thread, you will recieve
    2 Points
    Quick find code: 320-321-985-65945434

    Discord & Clan Chat Activity:
    If you frequently come on Discord & Clan Chat and put forth moderate activity in the channel, you will receive activity points. We don't disclose this method because we don't want it abused. Just stay active and you'll be rewarded.

    Breaking Invicta Records:
    If you break one of the 25 records on the Invicta Records page (on the main site), you will earn
    50 Points

    Clan Honors:
    Achievement of the Month =
    50 Point

    Forum Posting:
    For each post you make in the normal forums, you will earn
    1 Point
    For each post you make in the Introduction, Application, and Voting forums, you will earn 2 Points
    No points will be awarded for posting in the Games Forum.

    Donating to the Clan Treasury:

    For every dollar you donate to Invicta, you will receive
    3 Points

    **NOTE: All proceeds go towards maintaining these Forums, and future upgrades for this forum. This points opportunity may not always last.**

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    In this document, you can see how many activity points you have, along with how much you can get of item drops.
    The finest Skilling & PVM clan

    Quick Find Code: 320-321-806-65939511

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