Activity points are more than just a number to measure your contributions to the clan; they are a form of money/currency that you can use to buy various rewards. In this thread you will find a catalogue of all the various items you can buy with your points. Some are small denominations, dealing with just a few hundred points, while others are over several thousand points. Whether you save up for something big like General in the Clan Chat, or would rather something small like placing any image or text in someones signature for a week, our endless selection should have at least something you desire.

Moreover, if you have any other suggestions of things that perhaps never were on the list before, feel free to give your input on this thread. Purchases will not explicitly occur here, read the other stickies in this forum to learn how to actually make purchases; this thread purely is a list.

[3333 Points] General in the Invicta Clan Chat for 1 Month
(Note: Want a taste of General?)

[2500 Points] Captain in the Invicta Clan Chat for 1 Month
(Note: If you already are a Captain, then you will be General instead for the 1 Month)

[2500 Points] Ability to Demote a General or Captain, in Invicta Clan Chat for 1 Week
(Note: The person will not be allowed to use their power during that week; this can't be purchased for the same person more than once a month)

[2000 Points]
Make a Staff Member hold a crazy sign up
(Note: Pick any Staff Member you want to hold a sign up with your ANYTHING you want on it.)

[1696 Points] Buy your own FORUM!
(Note: If you buy this will you be able to have your own personal forum on the Invicta site. You will also be moderator of it.)

[1000 Points] Make a Staff Member hold a sign up
(Note: Pick any Staff Member you want to hold a sign up with your RSN on it.)

[800 Points] Ability to create a 24 Hour War of your choice.
(Note: It can be any skill, regardless of the theme of the month, work out with the events team when it will be hosted)

[500 Points] Ability to make a Staff/Leader write a 200 Word Essay about you
(Note: There is no guarantee the essay will be good/nice)

[250 Points] Ability to place any Image or Text in another forum user's Signature for 1 Week
(Note: The content must be forum appropriate)