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Thread: Geronimo 97 application

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    Geronimo 97 application

    1) RuneScape Name: Geronimo 97
    Real Life Name: Geronimo

    2) Combat Level: 107.58
    Total Level: 1710
    Total Xp: 41.5m

    3) Link to Introduction:
    I'm Geronimo, 20years old living in Belgium.

    Played the game since it came out with a couple of long period breaks.
    Right after highschool I joined the army so I said goodbye to my free time and quitted

    After spending a year in the army as an infantry sergeant i'm getting out in a couple of weeks, so I have loads of free time on my hands and decided to start playing again

    4) In game picture of Stats:

    5) How did you hear about Invicta?:
    OSRS official forums

    6) Is there anything that prevents you from going to events?: Real life events.

    7) Do you have a microphone?: If my old one still works, yes I have.
    Do you have Discord?: Downloading it straight away

    8) Do you agree to be Active on Forums and check & post on them whenever possible?: I agree

    9) Have you Read the Rules and agree to follow them?:
    I agree

    10) Do you understand that if do not meet the minimum requirement, you will become a Trial Member for up to 2 months. After completing these requirements, your clan rank will be changed and you'll be officially Accepted?: Ofcourse I understand that.

    11) Will you post in the Holiday/Leaving Forum if you ever plan on going Away?: Sure, no problem.

    12) If declined, will you reapply?:

    13) Anything else?:
    If you have any questions, shoot !

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    Application accepted. Welcome to the forum and the clan, i will set your current rank as Trial until you hit 1750 total

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    Welcome to the clan

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